Suitsupply campaign in conflict with good taste?

In the new billboard campaign of Suitsupply we see a male in suit putting his hand on the chest of another male, while another one depicts two kissing males. The reactions provoked by this campaign bring to mind the world-famous advertising campaigns of Benetton with Oliviero Toscani. Suitsupply puts a statement on its website underlining this. 'The Suitsupply spring ad campaign celebrates individuality and love. At Suitsupply, everyone can find their perfect fit, in clothing and in life, and we mean everyone. This is true to our brand and our culture. We are proud of who and what we stand for." It would not surprise me if this campaign wins some prizes worldwide.

But of course not everyone is equally pleased with this new campaign. Not only bus stops containing posters of this campaign are vandalized, the campaign is also directly faced with a complaint at the Dutch Advertising Code Committee. It is said to be conflicting with Christian values and common decency. The campaign is said to suggest that men are likely to be kissed by another man when buying a suit. The chairman of the committee wastes no words on this. Depicting homosexuality is not a social issue anymore. Discrimination against sexual preference is not allowed. There is no question of an inadmissible combination of exposure and eroticism. The compliant is rejected.


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