Trademark Searches:

Price Additional class

• Identical search (1-2 days)

An identical search for a word mark up to 3 classes.

  Benelux 125,- 25,-
  European Union (27 registers) 180,- 35,-
  Europe (57 registers) 280,- 35,-
  All registers (185 registers) 380,- 35,-
  Additional fee per mark (print out publication) 4,-    

• Autoscreen search (3 days)

Identical word marks and phonetically identical word marks up to three classes.

  Benelux 290,- 100,-
  European Union (27 registers) 990,- 100,-
  Europe (57 registers) 1.490,- 100,-
  All registers (185 registers) 3.990,- 100,-

• Full availability seach Benelux

  Word mark 3 classes (7 days) 645,- 75,-
  Word mark 3 classes (3 days) 775,- 75,-
  Word mark 3 classes (1 days) 950,- 75,-
  Logo/ device mark 3 classes (10 days) 795,- 325,-

Other countries - costs differs per country. Contact one of our attorneys for a tailor made quotation.


Benelux trademark filings

  Benelux trademark filing – 1 class 595,-    
  Benelux trademark filing – 2 classes 695,- 150,-
  Expedite filing Benelux – 1 class 860,-    
  Expedite filing Benelux – 2 classes 1.110,- 250,-

European Union trademark

  European Union trademark filing – 1 class 1.395,-    
  European Union trademark filing – 2 classes 1.495,-    
  European Union trademark filing – 3 classes 1.695,- 300,-

Trademark filings outside the Benelux


These costs differs per country. Contact one of our attorneys for a tailor made quotation.


Trademark watch services

  Benelux – 3 classes 95,- 25,-
  Europe – 3 classes 275,- 75,-
  Worldwide - 1 class 395,-    

Design filing

  2nd model
  Benelux (5 years) 445,- 175,-
  Publication fee per image 30,- 30,-
  Europe, including publication fee (5 years) 750,- 300,-

Other countries, these costs differs per country. Contact one of our attorneys for a tailor made quotation.


Domain name registration

  Annual costs
  Netherlands <.n>l; registration including annual fee     36,-
  Belgium <.be>; registration including annual fee     36,-
  International extensions: <.com>, <.org>, <.net>, <.biz>, <.info> and <.eu> (each extension)     36,-

The costs for other ctld’s and (new) gtld’s differs per extension. Contact one of our attorneys for a tailor made quotation.


The above-mentioned costs are based on the official/government fees dated January 1, 2019. If the official fees will change, the above-mentioned costs will change accordingly.

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IP quiz Trademarks

Puma is one of the bigger sports and lifestyle brands in the world. The core-business is the design, development and sale of (sports) shoes, (sports) clothing and accessories. In 1960, Puma registered an international trademark for a device designed in 1958: the formstrip. Since then, Puma has registered approximately 90 formstrip trademarks with validity in the Benelux or the European Union. Puma claims that this is a serial mark. Monshoe is a wholesaler of women's shoes and related products. The company designs and develops Monshoe shoes which it largely markets itself. Monshoe sells its women's shoes under the brands Shoecolate and Pearlz. The shoe Shoecolate is offered in various colour combinations. Puma claims that Monshoe infringes its well-known formstrip trademark. Monshoe contradicts this and states that the average consumer will not perceive the device of Monshoe on the sneakers as a trademark. And if the public will recognize a trademark in the decoration, it will not make the connection to Puma. According to Monshoe, the formstrip logo is not a well-known trademark within the meaning of the BVIE and the UMVo. There is no likelihood of confusion because the sign does not or hardly evoke any association with Puma among the public. In light of the above, who is right? Does this constitute decorative use or linking to a well-known trademark?