Meat is for men, vegetables are for cows

Humor is not equally appreciated by everyone. After the riot with Jan Kooijman, sauce maker Remia is back on the game with its BBQ sauce advertisement. On the label of “Black Jack Smokey BBQ sauce” is stated: "For real men only" and "Real men, real meat, real sauce ... Meat is for men, vegetables for cows!" A complaint is made on grounds of gender discrimination and offensiveness to vegetarians and vegans. The statement is therefore offensive and in violation of Articles 2 and 4 of the dutch media code, so it must be prohibited.

The complaint is denied, both at the Advertising Code Committee and at the Board of Appeal.
There is no question of discrimination. Remia clearly winks at the stereotyping that real men want to eat meat. It is therefore considered a parody, one that no reasonable thinking person takes seriously. That idea that cows can be taken as a reference to vegetarians is part of the joke. The Committee understands that they may or may not appreciate the joke, but that does not mean that the advertisement is unacceptably offensive to people who do not want to eat meat. The complaint is rejected, fortunately there is still some room for absurdist advertising, keeping the advertising blocks sufferable.


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