Discarded donkeys and delicate children's hearts

On TV the most horrifying images can be seen on a daily basis, violence and aggression alr also commonly seen in games. However, there are quite strict rules to ensure that the delicate child's soul does is not confronted with the rough realities of life.

Ever since 2016 “Donkey Sanctuary” has been broadcasting a commercial about the suffering and poor living conditions of donkeys. Viewer meets 'Monu', a worker donkey with a fractured leg, that nevertheless has to carry a heavy load uphill.

This spring a complaint was submitted to the Advertising Code Committee. The children of the complainant were completely upset when they were confronted with the horrible images. He claims the commercial is emotionally blackmailing viewers to raise funds. The commercial is against good taste, and young children should not see it.

The board agrees with this. The images are so intense and shocking that they are not suitable for children. The commercial is banned from being broadcast before 8pm. (Source image: Donkey sanctuary TV commercial -YouTube).


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