Farmer searches better wife not allowed

On February 7th the new theatre comedy of Toupe of Joep premiered. A week before opening night Blue Circle, the producer of Farmer searches Wife, clearly voiced its unhappiness. In order to prevent coat tail riding the company has registered the name of the program as a trademark.

A parody exception is available in copyright law, but unknown in trademark law. The question is whether a producer should act this strict with use of the trademark and parody. The public opinion could turn against you if there really is a parody and no commercial coat tail riding.
In order to not have the matter escalate the decision is made to change the name into Farmer searches better Wife. Quite expensive by itself since all promotional material, the website and Facebook needed to be changed. The theatre group of Joep Onderdelinden does not hold any grudges. All 68 farmers of the reality show attended the opening.


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