Fraudulent invoices – rascals in jail

In our profession, fraudulent or misleading invoices remain an ineradicable evil, which is spreading all over Europe. It is important that companies file a report (in the Netherlands there is a specialised helpdesk, Nationale Fraude Helpdesk in case they are victimised. Only then, it will be clear to everybody, how high the damages actually are.

Fortunately, there is some occasional success in this battle as well. A good example is a case in Sweden. For three years misleading invoices were sent to companies all over Europe. The invoices appeared to have been sent by the EUIPO. The High Court in Sweden stated that the victims had been misled. The two main suspects in this case were sentenced to 5 and 3 years imprisonment. Hopefully, new legislation will be introduced in the Netherlands to tackle this scum swiftly, fully and easily. Until then, don’t be embarrassed and report every payment of a misleading invoice to the appropriate authorities.


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