Glorious Gun purse Loes Vrij for sale at Zara? European Designs

  Loes Vrij is a new Dutch designed who became famous over night with her innovative designs for purses. Her style is best described as a mix of rich, chique and elegance. The purses are made of high quality materials. One of her designs, the Glorious Gun, is a rolled up purse with compartments for change, credit cards, lip stick and a mirror. A leather flap can be rolled around the purse to close it and a belt with bullets finishes the design. The exclusive purse is for sale at the more exclusive stores for € 798. A European design has been applied to protect the purse.  

After the presentation of the purse at the fashion week in Paris events unfold rapidly. The purse is currently for sale in over 25 countries, from Japan to Canada. This success did not go unnoticed, as Zara introduced a cheap knock off version of the bag at the beginning of this year. It seems the distinctive elements of the Glorious Gun have all been copied, which means the general impression on the consumer will not be different. Loes Vrij notified Zara of this infringement of her design rights. Zara immediately responded by removing the fake purse from her website and from all stores.


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