Satirical advertisements - Mary’s immaculate conception

For years Antonio Federici has been making notorious and satirical advertisements. Just like last year this year’s advertisement has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority in the United Kingdom.

This time the ad features a pregnant nun, in her last trimester, eating delicious ice cream. Antonio Federici claimed that the way in which the ice cream was produced was immaculately conceived. In a way it is the holy mission of the company to make the ice cream, which would explain the use of religious elements in the advertisement.

Apart from this, the company wanted to question the manner in which the catholic Church views certain social matters. Freedom of speech was supposed to prevail. The ASA, however, judged differently. The use of a pregnant nun and the reference to the immaculate conception will most likely be seen as an insult towards Catholics, according to the ASA. The use of these images is therefore offensive. Religion and parody therefore continue to not go well together.



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